Wayne Invitational
Thursday May 1, 2014 & Friday May 2, 2014
Discus (0 pts)
Roop- 132’2 (12th) last throw was best
Eblen- 121’1 (25th) need more pull
Broach- 106’5 (43rd) good experience

High Jump (0 pts)
Andretta- NH keep being aggressive
Waldron- 5’6 (16th) 5’9 scores…

Long Jump (5 pts)
I Motley- 20’6 (4th) big is coming soon
X Motley- 19’3 (18th) need you ready to jump big
Shesma- 17’2 (45th) gotta get healthy

Pole Vault (0 pts)
Jasin- 13’0 (10th) much better comp
Waldron- 12’4 (12th) close to big heights
Houck- 12’0* (14th) best job of the season so far

Shot Put (8 pts)
Odenigbo- 53’5* (2nd) best comp for you this year
Roop- 47’7 (10th) you are ready to jump over 50ft!
Broach- 41’1 (23rd) last throw was best mark- build!

Triple Jump (5 pts)
I Motley- 43’2* (4th) #3 all time CHS
Ditzel- 39’4* (9th) way to make finals- you can score at indoor state next year

Hammer (14 pts)
Eblen- 178’5 (2nd) working mental side this week
Roop- 164’5* (3rd) keep arms out thru release

DMR (5 pts) 10:41.71 (4th)
1200- C Andreason- 3:12.1* great lead off
400- Harmon- 49.6* way to go under
800- Z Hughes- 56/2:00.5* great finish into wind
1600- Williams- 4:39.1 need to trust your middle race more- you never challenged Lancaster- you don’t have to out kick everyone…

100 Meters (1 pt) 
Goldsmith- 11.52q/11.52 (8th) be ready earlier 
Ashburn- 11.75 (17th) great headwind race 
Crabtree- 12.19 (38th) thought you would be more fired up to race and compete… 
O Williams- 12.33 (42nd) need to be more focused and ready when the next chance happens 

110 Hurdles (2 pts) 
C Anthony- 15.53q/15.34* (7th) awesome races 
I Motley- 16.67 (20th) wind hurt you a lot 

3200 (0 pts) 
Williams- 9:54.92 (14th) take a chance/race earlier 
Balster- 10:23.29* (22nd in RS) nice PR 
Black- 10:17.53* (13th in RS) aggressive race 
Spiewak- 10:17.25* (11th in RS- heat winner) big lean 

200 Meters (2 pts) 
Goldsmith- 22.89q/23.36 (7th) this can be your best race but you need to be ready for it and dominate 
Ashburn- 23.55 (16th) getting better each week 
Crabtree- 24.49 (40th) 
O. Williams- 24.90 (48th) 

4 x 110 Hurdles (2 pts) 65.60 
X Motley- 16.9 rusty race 
Waldron- 16.1 same as X 
K Morgann- 17.3 never pulled trail leg 
C Anthony- 15.1 no one to race 
4 x 800 Relay (0 pts) 8:32.13 (12th)
Maupin- 2:05.1 good experience race
Thomas- 2:10.2 move at 400-600 meters
Hughes- 2:10.3 same as Luke
Steele- 2:05.8 keep on toes more

1,600 Meters (0 pts)
Larkin- 4:29.10* (11th) welcome back- we missed you
Balster- 4:42.38* (21st in RS) great race
Black- 4:38.12* (15th in RS) congrats on sub 440
Ramsey- 4:58.87* (51st) best race of your life-
Mikesell- 4:57.13 (48th) good 1st race back- build from here

4x200 Relay (2 pts) 1:30.91* (7th) best race of season so far
Hale- 22.7 smooth blocks
Goldsmith- 22.9 race curve harder
Ashburn- 21.6 great leg!
Harmon- 22.9 hit 1st 20 meters harder into curve

4x100 Relay 
(2 pts) 43.89* (7th) heat winner
Hale- 10.9* great pop off
Goldsmith- 11.0 great leg
Anthony- 10.5* awesome curve
Ashburn- 11.1*starting to look like an anchor man

(0 pts) 45.65 (19th) Very solid race by all four men
Crabtree- 11.3
Tinnerman- 11.0
Disser- 11.4
O Williams- 11.3

400 Meters (0 pts)
Harmon- 50.80* (11th) You score if you are in next heat
Z Hughes- 52.94* (21st) good speed day
Hale- 52.26* (16th) best open so far
Steele- 54.79* (39th) need to get on toes and faster arms
Coburn- 52.40* (18th) great night for you Nic- I’m excited for you and what you are doing and can do!

300 Meter Hurdles (0 pts)
I Motley- 42.30 (19th) sprint between hurdles
C Anthony- 41.29* (14th) tremendous hurdle double
X Motley- 43.13 (30th) ankle killed you here
K Morgann- 42.93* (27th) nice pr kenny
Tinnerman- 45.96* (49th) 2 second PR on 2nd race!

800 Meters (4 pts)
C Andreason- 55/1:56.45 (5th) way to go for it
Maupin- 56/2:02.10*(19th) great 1st open 800- you will run 1:57 this year!

4x400 Relay (3 PTS) 3:26.10 (6TH)
Coburn- 52.2 strong lead off
Hale- 51.5 way to finish the night
Z Hughes- 51.3 looked awesome
Harmon- 49.8 we found our anchor!

Team Scores
Pick North- 82
Wayne- 68
St X- 63
Glenville- 59
Hilliard Davidson- 57
Centerville- 56
Lancaster- 55
Northmont- 52 ½
Mason- 52
Troy- 49
48 teams in total