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Centerville Elks Track & Field 2020 Information 

Coaching Staff 
Matt Somerlot- Head Coach- ThrowsKevin Walsh- Distance
Phillip Kirby- JumpsDavid Dobson- Distance
JJ Ramsey- Short Sprints/RelaysTrey Coleman- Hurdles
Tim McClain- Pole VaultCedrick Tolbert- Jumps/Sprints
Carrie Bir- Meet CoordinatorMichelle Post- Mid distance
Tyler Lee Begley- Head JV Coach/SprintsRoy Thobe- Throws
2 coaches to be added

Mandatory every day for excellence. It is expected that you are here every day. Track takes time and if you are not interested in putting in the time then you are wasting everyone’s time. Attendance will be taken every day.

Our uniform will consist of the following- body suit or jersey/shorts, warm up jacket & pants and team bag. It will be passed out prior to the first meet. There are 2 sets of uniforms, varsity & JV. The cost of replacement is $250.00 for the set. There is a post season uniform. The boy’s team has a gold & black Wednesday uniform & the all-white Friday uniform while the girl’s team has the Nike uniforms. These uniforms will be retired by winning the GWOC, District & Regional meets in the same season.

We will be very competitive within our team. No one is given a permanent position in any event. You must earn it. You should know during the season your teammates will be trying to challenge you for your positions and they will be working hard every day. Give your best effort so we can give our best effort as a team.

Remind 101 Text Communications for Elks Track.  Sign up for Coach Somerlot's Centerville Track & Field messages by texting @0f54e to 937-353-7412 (it’s a 0 not an O for the 0f54e) 

All athletes (and parents if they would like) are encouraged to communicate this way- we are no longer allowed to use phone communication (talk or text) for our communication between coaches and athletes. This will be how we communicate away from school so please register right away.

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“Leadership is something that you have to earn each day. 
From the very same people you earned it from yesterday.” 
Mike Morgann