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Covid Protocals


Prior to Arrival

Ø   Check for symptoms - if any are present, contact coach and stay home 

Upon Arrival to practice / meets

Ø   Wear a mask

Ø   Wash or sanitize hands

Ø  Scan the QR Code and complete the questionnaire - must be done each time 

Locker Room Usage

• Pre-Workout

Ø   Wear a mask while in locker room

Ø   Limit time in locker room to less than 5 min - change and exit locker room

Ø  Dress in shifts:

Distance Runners- 2:50-3:03

Field Events- 3:03- 3:12

Sprinters/Hurdlers- 3:12-3:21

Ø  Restrooms open under stadium for pre practice usage


• Post-Workout

Ø   Coaches - dismiss players to locker room in event group waves

Ø   Wear a mask while in locker room

Ø  Limit time in locker room to less than 5 min - change and exit locker room


Ø  Conduct all skull sessions out of the locker room where social distancing is possible

Ø  Wear a mask                               

Ø   Film – outside

Ø  Discussion - use stadium, event area, on the turf or under the stadium


In Practice

Ø  Adjust drills to allow for social distancing while waiting in line

Ø  Huddles - players circle by extending arms and standing fingertip to fingertip, mark the floor if necessary to establish the routine

Ø  Coaches wear mask


Following Practice

Ø  All equipment sprayed and wiped down (leadership council/captains)

Ø   Wash or sanitize hands (everyone)


In Weight Room

Ø   Coaches wear mask

Ø   Same groups of three each lift - spot on bench & squat

Ø  All equipment picked up, sprayed down, and wiped off following session

Ø   Wash or sanitize hands



Ø  Home – Only kids competing allowed in locker room when possible

Ø   Away - social distance when possible, limit people in team camp to essential personnel, keep space when not competing.

Ø  Wear your mask at all times when not in competition! 

Celebrationing after Races/Events:

Ø  Coaches and player’s not recovering or drinking water wear mask

Ø   Stand and clap/cheer for worthy plays and players coming out of the game

Ø   Players coming to the bench pick up a new, disposable mask to wear while out of game

Ø   High Fives replaced with Hammer Fist Bumps

Ø   Hand sanitizer available for use at scorer's table or from athletic trainer

Ø   Essential personnel only


Post-Meet Plan

Ø   Home – leave after coach dismisses you

Ø   Away - social distance when possible, leave after meet is over/trophy & awards picked up



Ø   Assigned seats to and from game

Ø   No eating

Ø  Wear mask

Ø  How many per seat dictated by bus driver


  As of 11/23/20 (we will adjust these as needed based on situations/changes)