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46th Annual Centerville Elks Relays

Friday April 16, 2021


After a year of canceled spring sports we would like to welcome to back to Centerville for the 46th Annual Centerville Elk Relays. We are excited that you have decided to return here with us and we hope we can deliver a fun and positive experience for you and your team. 

The field events (including boys & girls hammer) are 3 person total. There will be 3 jumps in the long jump & triple jump and 3 throws in the shot, discus & hammer (due to Friday night). There are no finals in the field events. All running events are 4 person relays with the exception of the 2000 steeple, which is 2 individuals per team.   

We will run on a rolling time schedule. Please have your athletes report on 1st call to the starting line of that event. Athletes in field events are to leave as late as possible to run and should check out with the field judge prior to leaving. They will be able to jump/throw early to accommodate running events. Distance relays will be placed in alleys in the bullpen. The DMR order will be run as 1200, 400, 800 & 1600. The SMR will be 100, 100, 200 & 400.  Tennis balls (at the exchange zones) and batons will be available if needed but PLEASE return these when done. 

Concessions and t-shirts will be available under the stadium. We are still planning on hosting a coaches hospitality area (pandemic allowing of course) from 4:45 pm- 6:30 pm for all coaches in the Centerville home locker room (coaches and officials only please) There are no team locker rooms available but the restrooms are available under the home bleachers. Medals will be awarded to 1st & 2nd place finishers with ribbons given to 3rd thru 6th place and can be picked up in the press box after the meet is over.  Team champion and runner-up trophies will be awarded at the end of the meet. 

There will be no relay cards and we are counting on you to follow the rules on participation (4 events per athlete). 

We will have our senior night presentation at the end of the shuttle hurdles and start of the steeple events- this will allow us to finish the pole vault and get the pit moved off of the track & not interrupt the meet that much.  

Results will be available on, finishtiming.com, oh.milesplit.com as well as elkstrack.com. Let’s have a great meet and good luck throughout the season. 


Matt Somerlot
Meet Director                                    
E-Mail: matt.somerlot@centerville.k12.oh.us
Or call me at 937-902-4889

Next year’s 47th annual Elk Relays will be Friday April 15, 2022- contact me if you want to come back!