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Senior Dinner


I want to take this opportunity to invite you to a senior dinner on Sunday December 6, 2020. We like to meet with the seniors prior to the team meeting (Tuesday 12/8 this year) so we can establish some of your goals and set the tone for your senior year during this meeting. The dinner will start at 6:06 pm at CHS West Unit Commons.

**Our Marion’s Tradition condition continues, just different and spread out! 

I have attached a captain application. In years past, we have had some people elected who were not interested in being a captain. I feel like this will be a way for you to show us that you want the responsibility of being captain and a way for you to show us what you are thinking about for the year. If you are not interested in being a captain, then disregard the app but otherwise please have this back to me by Tuesday November 24th (last day pre thanksgiving break). I will then have the ballots made up for the meeting. You may also give a short speech/talk prior to our vote. Only seniors will vote on the captains and we will have between three or four captains for each team. 

Any questions –see Coach Somerlot in West 263 

RSVP to me by Friday 12/4/20 yes or no for dinner so I can order enough pizza and drinks for everyone.

Thanks and good luck,

Coach Somerlot & staff