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UK Invitational

Saturday February 18, 2012
High Jump (1 pt)
J. Briggs- 5’10 (8th)

Pole Vault (0 pts)
Houck- 12’6 (12th)

Triple Jump (0 pts)
Fintel- 39’9 ½ (11th)

60 meters (0 pts)
Walter- 7.33 (26th)

800 Meters (0 pts)
McCoy- 61, 2:03.74* (16th)

200 Meters (0 pts)
Walter- 23.30* (20th)

Two Mile (0 pts)
Steible- 9:52.05* (17th)

4 x 400 Relay(2 pts) 3:36.37n (7th)
C Briggs- 54.1*
Schlagheck- 54.6*
J Briggs- 54.9*
McCoy- 52.7*

4 x 800 Relay (0 pts) 8:37.53 (9th)
Kolpitcke- 2:07.1*
Larkin- 2:07.4*
Miller- 2:16.1*
Morrison- 2:05.8*

Quote of the Meet:
“When I run that 200 I’m going to be discombobulated on that curve right there” DJ when we were running the pre meet
Centerville Throwers Open
Sunday February 19, 2012

Weight Throw (1 pt)
James- 49’9* (4th)
Roop- 40’11* (7th)
Hale- 39’8* (8th)
Meadows- 36’1* (9th)

Shot Put (2 pts)
Hale- 43’4 (3rd on last throw)
James- 40’11* (6th)
Roop- 37’11* (8th)
Hetrick- 31’11 (9th)
Meadows- 29’1* (10th)
Mattu- 28’9* (11th)
Orr- 24’7* (12th)
Columbo- 24’4* (13th)

Overall @ UK we saw many positive signs and much improvement from two weeks ago. I like how people competed and got after it- keep working hard and the improvement we see in two weeks @ KSU & UF will be even better- last chance to qualify for the indoor state meet is then so make it count!

With the throws meet we saw that we have a ways to go to be competitive with our big rival. I know that we have shown glimpses of it but we did not transfer that from upstairs to the com[petition- we need better intensity and some confidence- these are two things that we can control so let’s get there in two weeks.

As we finish indoors up and look towards the outdoor season let’s remembers to keep doing the push-ups and sit ups and doing the off day runs. These are what will separate good from great