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How To Be Recruited

HOW: Take the time to figure out what you are looking for in a school.  Once you have narrowed down your search, go online and find the school’s track and field scholarship/walk-on standards.  If your performances are a good fit for the school you are interested in, fill out a questionnaire on the track and field page.  Here is the Auburn University Track and Field Questionnaire.  If you have not yet met the requirements, check other schools to give yourself the greatest opportunity to compete at the collegiate level. 

WHEN: Fill out an online questionnaire during your junior year of track and field.  You may also fill out an online questionnaire if you have achieved a top 20 national ranking in your event.  National rankings can be found on .  If you fill out a questionnaire as a freshman or sophomore and your times/marks do not yet meet the school standards, you may need to fill out another questionnaire when your performances have improved.

WHAT: The more information the better. Fill out the online questionnaire completely.  It may also help to send an email to the event coach with any information that helps you stand out.  Coaches are often searching for the best athlete/student combination.  Other sports, excellent grades, other activities all play a part in the coach’s ultimate decision of who to recruit.